Casting Cares is on the Move!

We have 5 horses we are working with to offer our veterans a way to have something to do that is away from the normal daily routine. What better way than for them to help care for our horses, and do trail rides with other veterans.

Current Needs:

  • Corporate sponsors to fund our veterans recreation center.
  • The first stage in this will be a pole barn and necessary fencing to house and care for our horses.​
  • Veterans multipurpose building. This building will include, computer work stations, a small memorial library, conference rooms, relaxation room, staff offices and cubicles, and reception area.
  • Memorial Wall.  The veterans center will include a large memorial wall.  To donate to the wall or to share yours or your loved ones story, please contact us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to love our veterans and their families by serving them in their struggle with PTSD. We must let them know we will honor and protect the values for which they fought. We want them to know they are not alone. We must bring public awareness to their struggle with PTSD, because “not all wounds are visible.”

Our Tenets

  • ​To Love: All people regardless of ethnicities, religion or sexual orientation.
  • To Serve: Veterans and families by helping them meet their needs.
  • To Honor: God as the one in control of this organization, Family as a vital part of our community, and Country as a reason to stand for what we believe in.
  • To Protect: Integrity by being open and honest, Values by teaching them to others, and Humanity by caring and supporting our veterans.

Learn More about PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects veterans and their families. Many other veterans return with PTSD and choose not to seek help because of the negative stigma attached to it. Our goal is to help change that stigma.

  • 1 in 3 veterans are diagnosed with PTSD.
    But 40% of those do not seek more help.
  • 22 Veterans and 1 active duty soldier commit suicide every day
  • Veteran homelessness account for 9% of the national average.